Hello From the Other Side

Well, hello again everyone. I swear I didn’t fall off the face of the earth in the past 7 months. I honestly got really busy with my job and was just so exhausted after work to write. It’s okay though, I had a very uneventful pregnancy up until the end. I am here now to tell the tales though!

A little about baby while in utero… baby had all the tests ran and everything came back that we were going to have a perfectly healthy baby in our lives. We were totally ecstatic. Baby had been growing right on track the whole time until probably the last month and a half, that’s when baby started growing larger than the “norm”. Baby was head down from around 20 weeks up until birth, which is crazy! Everyone kept telling me that babies never stay that way, that they flip back and forth but at every single visit our baby was still head down. I had been checked at 36 weeks for my cervical progress, I was not dilated but I was thinning some. Then I was checked again at 37 weeks and I was 2/3 cm dilated and still only thinned some. Again I was checked at 38 weeks and I was still only 3 cm dilated. My doctor told me I should be fine with delivery but suggested to schedule an induction at 39 weeks to keep from baby getting too large to deliver naturally, considering my small frame and baby was weighing in at 7.1 lbs on the ultrasound at 37 weeks!

First off, I had to stop working at 34 weeks because my job had worked me so hard. I was cleaning six houses a day working over 10 hours a lot of the time. It was getting to be too much on a pregnant lady. Funny thing is that my job didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was almost 30 weeks and that was due to me speaking up and telling them! I still have no idea how they had no clue, I’m a skinny girl so my pregnancy was obvious! I wasn’t large by any means but I didn’t look like I was not pregnant. I actually only gained 30 pounds my whole pregnancy and I owe that to my job though because I had been kept SO active it left only enough room to gain regular baby weight and nothing more. Thankful there, let me tell ya, you couldn’t even tell I was pregnant if you looked at me from the back! For as big as baby was getting, people still thought I was only 5/6 months pregnant up until I delivered!

As the end approached, we were so antsy to meet our beautiful baby GIRL (sorry Trey, we all know you’d wished for a boy)! I was trying everything under the “Old Wives Tale” category, old wise tale if you ask Trey. Don’t worry, I didn’t start any type of natural induction until my doctor told me I was progressing myself, as that is an indication that my body was starting to prepare itself already anyways. First, I was walking everyday which I recommend these shoes but I live in the Midwest and it was the middle of summer so I could only do so much without feeling overheated. We ended up doing evening walks where I would “curb walk”, which is exactly what it sounds like and you walk with one foot on the street and the other on the curb. It’s supposed to help more than regular walking in bringing the baby down into the birth canal. I didn’t see any progress with this considering every time I was checked, it was the same answer. From there I tried drinking raspberry leaf tea (I HATE tea), eating pineapple to the point my mouth was raw, and getting a pedicure and hoping they would hit the right pressure points. This all seemed quite easy to get the ball rolling but again nothing was noticed to be any different. I drank castor oil, which was the most disgusting thing EVER. I didn’t even reap the consequences of what castor oil normally works for, cleaning out the bowels. My husband and I tried nipple stimulation and sex which also didn’t seem to help anything in regards to progressing my pregnancy. All the while I was also bouncing and swirling around on an exercise ball to loosen up my hips! Another thing I was trying was the whole spicy food tale, which meant I got Taco Bell almost everyday and loaded it all up with hot sauce. Ha ha if that counts as “spicy” food at least. I know some people also have their doctors or midwives strip their membranes towards the end and I honestly have no idea if my doctor ever did. I was never told that he did but I know the cervical check in it of itself it pretty invasive down there. All these things, which I’m probably missing some that I’m overlooking, and no progressing getting our little babe out to great us. Not to mention, we had though the ENTIRE time that she would be early by a few weeks just with inner intuition as well as how she was progressing developmentally. I had felt like a lost hope as this point trying to get our baby girl to come out so we made the appointment to get induced at 39 weeks after our 38 week checkup.

Stay tuned for the delivery story tomorrow! Please give me feedback everyone, I am a total amateur and would love any criticism to help me!

XOXO, Allison

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