I can say that yesterday was an interesting day. It all started when I was brushing my teeth after Trey had already left for work. I kept getting the scent of cat feces and I was hoping that it was in the liter box, where it belongs. That is where I went wrong. As I was investigating, the smell grew stronger as I headed towards our bedroom. My heart sank as I looked up to find a nice sized pile of cat poop in the center of our bed. THE VERY CENTER. I don’t think our cat could have positioned it any better. Luckily, I had actually made the bed yesterday morning so it wasn’t in the mess of the sheets but only on the comforter. Yet, with me being pregnant, I am not supposed to go around cat feces at all. So, I got to close the door and forget about it until we both were home from work where I had my lovely husband carefully remove the mountain from our comforter. I took off the comforter to wash and replaced it with a nice soft blanket. I thought that was good for the night.

Of course that wasn’t enough. We had actually gone to my husband’s grandma’s house for dinner last night so when we finally got back home, we were tired. And by we, I mean me, and only me. I laid down in bed pretty much as soon as we walked in the door. I was relaxing, playing on my phone and I kept getting a whiff of urine. That unforgettable cat urine smell. I pushed the smell aside thinking it was just the lingering scent from what had happened earlier in the day. Once Trey comes to join me in bed, he’s getting himself ready and makes the comment about the urine smell as well. We are talking trying to figure out where it’s coming from, finally he crawls into bed without a location for the cat pee. He jumps out of bed faster than he fell into it. There was cat pee on his pillow and right below it. So we strip the sheets now, as we as find him a different pillow. We lay down another soft blanket now, one to serve as a sheet and one to serve as the comforter. Finally, we get to sleep in a warm, unsoiled bed.

So we thought. Both the cat and dog sleep with us, so we let them both jump up and they’re playing. This is when I’m threatening the cats life if he ever pees or poops on our bed again, he’s getting the boot. And that is the nice way of putting it. As we hear a “PSSSSS” noise. We both look at each other, wondering what that noise was. I had thought that I knew but was trying to push it out of my mind. That’s when the warmth kicked in, THE CAT HAD PEED ON MY ARM AND SIDE!! I cannot make this up people, the cat straight up peed on me and then got mad at me again when I kicked him off the bed. I jumped up to strip my shirt off and I had thought the pee had only went through the “sheet”. After we took down all the soiled linens, I had figured out that was not the case. I pulled the top blanket up to throw it off of me, I couldn’t get it off fast enough. So we changed our blanket, one last time. At this point we are just hoping this is the end to it all so we can finally go to bed.

We had put the cat in the basement, where it’s liter box is, and hoped the dog wouldn’t act up and do the same. It was a quite night, and the only disturbances were when I had to get up to pee. Nobody is lying when they say you always have to pee while pregnant. I can’t imagine how its going to be in the third trimester when the baby is actually pressing on my bladder.

On the bright side of things, we go in just two days to have the test done to see if Baby P is a he or a she! We are so excited! I will definitely be on to update as soon as we receive results from that test, but we are finding out the actual gender along with the rest of our family/friends on Feb. 3rd. So stay tuned for that as well!

Challenge Question: What is your wildest pet story?



Fur-babies Causing Mayhem

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