The Nursing Mother’s Diet

A nursing mother can produce between 23 to 27 ounces of milk per day, requires an extra 500 calories per day from good nutrition. Breast milk quality is only affected by extreme deprivation, or an excessive intake of certain foods. […]

Motherhood and Living Healthy

Losing the weight you pack on during a pregnancy is always a struggle. I did the impossible and looked for a diet that would help the pounds fall off, with no luck. So instead of searching for this perfect diet […]

Five Ways To Get Psyched For An Early Morning Workout

Waking up at 6:30am, or even earlier, to exercise may sound crazy. There’s lots of time in a day, so why roll out of bed at the crack of dawn to get on the elliptical machine or pump iron? The answer is that moms are busy. Kids need to be fed, dressed, entertained, and attended to, plus you’ve got your own work and commitments to take care of. Despite our best intentions to burn a few calories after lunch or before dinner or even after the kids are in bed, the reality is that it doesn’t always happen. It’s too easy to put off exercising until tomorrow if you try to fit it in amid the chaos of a regular day.

Early morning exercise, however, is a lot easier to manage. The kids are still asleep, and your mind isn’t thinking about all the things you’ve got on your plate for the day. Plus, when you work out early, you can go about the rest of your day knowing that you’ve already taken care of yourself. Of course, getting motivated to wake up at 6:30am or earlier to do so can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips to get you out of bed and moving.

1. Exercise at home.

If you have the means and the space, having your own exercise equipment can really help your early morning early AMsessions. It’s a lot easier to wake up if you know you can just walk down the hall or down the stairs and get started. An elliptical trainer, for example, is affordable, fits in the corner of almost any room, and offers a great cardiovascular, low-impact workout. The sole e35 the best value of the sole elliptical lineup is one that many mothers agree is an ideal choice for staying fit while not taking up too much space for important stuff. Other good options include a set of free weights, yoga and pilates DVDs, and a treadmill.

2. Get a good night’s rest.

Once the kids are in bed, night time is often an ideal time to catch up on things around the house and spend time with your partner. However, if you want to get up early to exercise, it’s a good idea to go to bed at a reasonable hour so that you get enough quality sleep to get up and go. Instead, plan to double up the next evening/night on that catch up items. Or give your spouse those clean up responsibilities so you’re not being forced to expend more energy later.

3. Get your gear together the night before.

It’s frustrating to stumble around in the dark looking for your exercise shoes and clothing. Before you hit the sack, lay out all of your workout gear so that you can pull it all on as soon as you wake up. This is a great help because getting out of your PJ’s and into your workout clothes is one of the most difficult transitions. But when it’s already then waiting for you, it takes less than a minute to make the change.

4. Grab a quick breakfast.

While you probably don’t want to eat too much before you start, something fast and small like toast, a few handfuls of granola, or an energy bar won’t take too long to prepare or eat. Don’t forget something to drink, as you don’t want to get dehydrated. Some opt to skip breakfast, especially if you are working out right after waking up. Go for a smoothie or recovery drink afterwards.

5. Remember why you’re doing this.

You want to stay fit and healthy, not only for yourself, but for your kids. Plus, little ones have boundless energy; you’ll need to stay in good shape to keep up and have fun with them. Continue along this path and soon you’ll find yourself on a workout pattern and it no longer becomes a pain in the rear end but rather something that you’re looking forward to and more matter of fact.

Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe During the Night

I won’t lie. As a new mother, I frequently snuck into my baby’s room, crouched down and put my ear next to his face to make sure he was still breathing in the middle of the night. What new mother hasn’t? To help you get a good night’s sleep, though, here are some tips to ensure your baby stays safe all night long.

How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is definitely scary. While the cause is still not known, it’s the third most common cause of death of infants. There are steps you can take to prevent SIDS, though. Make sure you always put your baby to sleep on their backs with no soft items like bedding, blankets, pillows or stuffed animals in their crib.

If your baby’s room gets cold at night, dress them in a warm sleeper or swaddle them rather than using a blanket. Make sure your baby is not put to sleep near blinds with dangling strings, and absolutely avoid exposing your child to cigarette smoke, which increases the risk of SIDS. If you smoke, do so outside, and change your clothing before your hold your baby.

Finally, make sure you keep your baby comfortably cool, too. It’s easy for babies to overheat at night, even faster than we do. If it’s warm in your baby’s room, dress him or her in light clothing, possibly even just a onesie. If you find your baby’s room is too warm for comfort, I recommend calling an AC supply company to install an air conditioner. You may be able to get by with fans, though.

Reconsider Sharing Your Bed

Yes, I know, a lot of moms want to co-sleep to their baby. I’m not going to say it’s wrong. After all, I did the same thing when I was still breastfeeding. Still, you may want to reconsider this move, as bed-sharing is the number one cause of death of young babies. Most sleep-related deaths of infants under one occurs while sharing a bed. There is a big risk that you will roll over on your baby in the middle of the night, even if you put your baby to sleep farther away. Blankets and pillows can also get near your baby’s face and lead to suffocation, especially if your child is too young to roll over.

Products I Recommend

I highly recommend the following products for your own peace of mind during the night.

1. Wearable Blankets
During the winter, these are a life-saver! Wearable blankets either swaddle your baby in microfleece with velcro closures or zip up with no sleeves or legs. Keep your baby warm without worrying about dangerous blankets in their bed.

2. Movement Monitor
There are many types of movement monitors. Some are pads that go under the mattress to detect motion, but the one I used attaches to your baby’s diaper. It senses even very slight movements. If no movement is detected for 15 seconds, it will start vibrating to wake up the baby. If no movement is sensed 5 seconds later, an alarm will sound to wake you up.

3. Crib Wedge
Make sure your baby sleeps with an elevated head for easier breathing and improved digestion with a wedge. These wedges are positioned under the crib sheet. If your baby frequently spits up, this is a life saver!